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Visions (free) 03:16
I can't find me anymore but I'll breathe faster this time now that I know you're ahead grabbing me from the flames like drowning quicksand I know you're hiding in this spark, will you stay with me until they're gone? We're so close Wait, I'll watch the time, we're so close, your spark makes me drive I don't mind waiting for you to say hello I know you can take the day off, will you spend it with me? I can't find me anymore, new corridors I can't find me anymore, blank ammo swords But at least I found you
Scratch 03:50
Remember me, she said...Is there any other way? I'll wait for her to break me first I'm wondering how I'll be okay, I broke again, just said your name I'm always looking back for you aligned with indecision all the time I'll wait for her to break me first, I'll wait for her to wash the lines I will be her last decision, right? I will start from luck and then I'll work my way through the punches and show you like the first time I will be the one to save you, I will be there for the last time you sing I will be her last decision, I'll wait for her to break the lines I'll fade into a story just for her And then she bursts, and then I'll burst
You talk out of line Will you take me tragic this time? In time you'll try, somehow you brought the ceiling down In time you'll lie, don't let it weigh you down Step outside, divide the shake, you're vanishing harder in every way everyday Come ride with me out of this scene, it's on repeat, you won't feel a thing I still want to know how you brought the roof down, how you turned the lights out Will you take me away? Everyday I want to stay, in every way I want to stay I'm finally clear
Postcard 03:30
In my head I know your side but I'm lost in dead divide I'll bear your stares for one last taste I could've been with you In my heart I hide in gray, I mistimed, I lost today I feel undressed on this occasion where we're breaking everything There's no single burn that can drag me back in It's time for me to dream again, I'll try to find you a postcard in June In my eyes this round is yours, I know you know Stuck like glue, I thought you said you were warming up to ideas of me Now I burn and you burn, postmarked for another turn The lights are on but I can't believe you said those things to me
Will you break me down? I'm bulletproof now I can see every word bounce off you and I realized I spoke to soon If I fold, will you take me out? If I fold, will you take me down? You'll never find your way back I'll never find my way back Blindfold me so I won't know where to aim I can't reach you now
You say this all the time You would come down if I stopped asking you for more You're destroying all my words, look at me now You're pulling slow, don't you realize that hurts more? It's okay to lose control, would you come down just for me? You're miles away from who I knew I can't reach even when you're in the room You turn all the time, one more time Here we go again I won't try to erase you, you're in every last detail But would you just come down? Maybe it's time
Breaking 03:17
Wrapped up in how it's framed, I still run from every masquerade you made this way I burned the first time out, I burned the first time I wasn't mine to save I know this time will hit you hard I think I'll run to the last row I know you're the star here, I can't fight against every last piece you throw Picked up where we left off, you still run from everything I gave to you We're breaking up for the 100th time We broke up, so will you be mine? Why can't we let it go? I've decided I've turned to stone I'm numb from every last blow, every last throw Stuck on where we can never go We'll break this time, you say you're fine, I'll say I'm fine
I will be the first to call but then I forget you're still armed I can't see past you this time, the battle scars you are Behind, I'm dragging in the ocean It's time, I'll bring the disappointment Alight, I can't hide from it this time Don't look at your false starts, look at all the heart shots you returned Don't look at your false starts and drive out the best part of me (The best part is you) ...if you'd just stick around
I'm starting from scratch inside but the visions of you are still here in me The visions of you are still me Counting each ghost now, I'm blacking out in sound I'm marking each one down filling up with doubt all at the same time They ought to know that I just want them to leave When will they go away? All of my ghosts are back in town tonight All of my ghosts waiting for the spite all at the same time, all in the same line And then they hide, I'm trying to catch them but they slip through everything They ought to know even obscured in jagged space, I'll come back to you Will you come back to me?
On Your Mark 02:16
Battles in your arms, I warned you Lead me into the dark, I'll find you It's time to come apart, you warned me But you're still deciding if I should be the one Well come find me, on your mark, get set, go You release me to the wolves, they'll never understand me Leave me to the wolves, you won today Don't remind me where we were then we can part ways for sure On your mark, get set, go


released October 9, 2012


all rights reserved



Letting Up Despite Great Faults Austin, Texas


"a dreamlike mix of hazy guitars, moody synths and feathery vocals"

"blissful, shimmery"
- Rolling Stone

"pure indie pop catnip"
- Pitchfork

"light as a feather and ephemeral as a dream"
- Interview

"infectious melodies and nostalgic sentiments"
- Paste

"perfecting the melt of indie pop melodies with jangling guitars and shoegaze electronics'
- Prefix
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